20 Temmuz 2016 Çarşamba

Muradiye Tombstones Open Air Exhibition Area

There are hundreds of tombstones dated to various times from mid 15th century to early 20th century in Muradiye Open Air Museum, including tombstones with inscriptions written in Persian, Arabic and Ottoman.

ottoman tombstones

Many writing tecniques of Ottoman calligraphy in cluding sülüs, muhakkak, ta'lik and rik'a styles demonsrate all riches of the art of writing from these tombstones.

ottoman tombstones-1

We can read the short biography profession and position in society of the person the tombstone belongs to, who could be someone from different backgrounds; military, science or civilian.

ottoman tombstones-2

  These tombstones gathered from Bursa and around include tombstones of scholars, soldires, senior government officers and ragular citizens; some notable tombstones include those of Mevlid's author Süleiman Çelebi and first ever performer of Hacivat Karagöz shadow play Sheikh Küşteri.

ottoman tombstones-3

Along with sarcophagi, headstones, footstones, and side stones Muradiye Open Air Museum also features many turbans and quilted turbans, too.

ottoman tombstones-4

 In addition to these, inscription panels from some other building like schools and lodges are also on exhibit. You can check what does ottoman tombstones means Ottoman Gravestones symboles and meanings

Where is Muradiye Tombstones Open Air Exhibition Area? Where should we go in Bursa?

You can visit this place in Bursa. Please check map below.