3 Mart 2017 Cuma

Use of Gas in World War I

Neighborhood in war time in England

The use of toxic gas in World War 1 was a major military innovation. Gases have continued as chemical agents such as tear gas,  mustard gas and chlorine.

This chemical war was, firstly, a major component of global warfare and the first major war of the 20th century. The gas killing capacity (only 3% of those killed in combat, because of gas ).

Nonetheless, the proportion of non-fatal injuries was high and gas remained one of the greatest fears of the soldiers. It was possible to take effective measures against the gases, different from other weapons of the time. As a result, the effectiveness of the gas was increased, and in many cases the effectiveness of the war was reduced in later stages.

The widespread use of these agents in chemical warfare and the time of war have been documented in the advancement of powerful explosives. So much so that the "war of chemists" was among the rising values ​​of the First Word War. -