27 Mart 2017 Pazartesi

Hugo Boss and Nazi Germany

Hugo Boss

Did you know these informaton about the Hugo Boss brand?

In 1924, Hugo Boss began working as a clothing company in Metzingen.

Hugo Boss Designer for Nazi Clothes

Hugo Boss brand has same name with its founder. Hugo Boss became a member of the Nazi party in 1931. In the period when Nazi Germany and Hitler ascended, the work of Hugo Boss began to improve.

Hugo Boss SS

He became a offical supplier of SS troops that made Hitler's personal guard. He also designed clothes for SA, Hitler Youth and party clothes.

Hugo Boss Hitler

The prisoners from the occupied Poland and France worked in Hugo Boss factories.

Hugo Boss Collection

After Nazi Germany lost the war, he was prosecuted in 1946 for his support to the Nazi party and sentenced to 100,000 German Marks($70,553 U.S. dollars). Hugo Boss died in 1948.