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Eva Braun and Hitler

Hitler and Eva Braun

Eva Anna Paula Braun or her surname after marriage Eva Hitler (born February 6, 1912 - April 30, 1945) is Adolf Hitler's long-time partner and married wife for a short time.

As a 17-year-old photographer's assistant and model, he met Hitler in Munich. In the first period of the relationship, he committed suicide twice. During World War II, he lived a luxurious life beside Hitler. Braun, who liked photos a lot, had taken photographs of Hitler's few color photographs. In 1944 his brother did not join the public meetings with him until he married Hermann Fegelein, one of Hitler's officers.

Eva Braun

At the end of World War II, while the Third Reich collapsed, Braun had loyalty to Hitler. On April 29, 1945, 40 hours after he was married to Hitler, she committed suicide with cyanide in his bunkers.

How Hitler and Eva Met?

Eva Braun, the second daughter of teacher Friedrich Braun and his wife Franziska Kronberger, was born in Munich. He studied at business school for a year after graduation. There were average grades in this period. Athletics cautioned with interest. After working as a health officer for a few months, he started working as an assistant and model for the Nazi Party's photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. In 1929 he was introduced to Hitler at Hoffmann's studio.

Eva Braun and Hitler Relationship

After the suicide of Geli Raubal, who was the daughter of Hitler's half-brother and claimed to be an associate, he began to talk more with Braun. Braun made his first attempt at suicide during his relationship by shooting himself in 1932 at the age of 20. In 1935, he started suicide with sleeping pills. After these events, Hitler began to show a greater commitment to Braun. Since 1936, he has always been with Hitler. Hitler, who paid Braun a salary, also tied him a Mercedes, a driver and a servant.

Hitler's Death

Adolf Hitler, who did not want to surrender, decided to commit suicide with his wife Eva Braun. He killed his favorite dog too. The Führer, on April 30, 1945, wrote his political will to the secretary, and with his wife committed suicide by swallowing cyanide capsules. The defeated leader, who did not want the body to be captured by the Red Army soldiers, burned himself and Eva Braun's body with the command he had given before the suicide.

Hitler, Eva and their Dogs

The Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels also preferred to go the way of the Führer. Joseph Goebbles, a fanatic Nazi, and his wife, Magda Goebbles, were near the Führer until recently with their children. Joseph and his wife decided to commit suicide in order not to get in the hands of Soviet soldiers. Magda Goebbels, in a great coolness, killed all six children by poisoning them with cyanide and ending their lives by committing suicide with her husband. -