28 Şubat 2017 Salı

Colorized Picture of "Into the Jaws of Death 1944"

Into the Jaws of Death 6th June 1944

U.S troops wading throug heavy surf and heavy Nazi Machine gun fire. June 6 1944

This great picture has photographed by Robert Sargent in 6 June 1944 in Omaha Beach in D-Day Operation.

Things have not gone so well since Omaha Beach. The planes bombed the shores and the trenches opened up for soldiers, but a successful bombardment could not be arranged for Omaha, and Allied troops made a shoreline without any kind of ship.

The Allies knew that in heavy-duty rifle battles, the soldiers would give heavy losses in the shores where there was no shield. They designed their light tanks to go in the water. All four sides of the tank were covered with high cloths, so water was prevented from getting inside. Omaha Beach was very choppy, and Allied tanks could not stand this wave, and they battled.

British tank commanders did not put their tanks into the sea because they knew they would not be able to get to the tide. The Allies, who have a large number of marketplaces, were able to control Omaha eventually with large losses.

The image was evoked in the 1998 Hollywood movie of Saving Private Ryan.