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Mausoleum of Prince Cem

Prince Cem Sultan

This mausoleum was built for Shehzade Mustafa, son of Mehmed the Conqueror. Shehzade Mustafa died in 1474 near Nigde. His funeral first was brought to Konya, then to Bursa where he was buried in the mausoleum of his uncle, Alaaddin Bey. Finally, in 1479, his body was transferred to this mausoleum built for him. Later, the funeral of Cem Sultan ( son of Mehmed the Conqueror) who died in Naples was brought to Bursa in 1499 where he was buried. For this reason, the mausoleum today is called “ Cem Sultan” Mausoleum.

Inside of Prince Sem Sultan's Mausoleum

The structure’s walls are covered with Iznik tiles and rich hand-drawn ornaments which are remarkable. The 16th century ornaments were plastered in the late 19th century, and covered by baroque decoration elements. During the 2013 restoration, this plastering was rasped, and the hand-drawn ornaments dating back to the 16th century below it, appeared, and thus were resurrected.

Prince Cem Sultan Tomb

Its walls are covered with turqoise and dark blue hexagonal glazed tiles. Centres of these tiles are decorated with gilded zoomorphic motifs.

The four marble tombs inside this mausoleum are those of Shehzade Mustafa, Cem Sultan(died 1495). Also the sons of Bayezid II; Shehzade Abdullah(died 1485) and Shehzade Alemshah(died 1503)

Shehzade Abdullah

Shehzade Alemshah

Shehzade Mustafa son of Mehmed II

The mousoleum which was thorougly restored by Bursa Metropolition Municipality between 2013 and 2014 is located in the site which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2014.

Mausoleum of Prince Cem

Where is Mausoleum of Prince Cem? The tomb in orhangazi province of Bursa. Please check place map below;