21 Nisan 2017 Cuma

Allied Soldiers Imitated Hitler in the Balcony

Allied soldiers imitated hitler in the balcony. you can see the clothes of hitler and eva braun.

This is how Russia batted open the door of Berlin in the last week's of April the city's last days as the capital of Hitler's life in the unter den linden orders go up for german civilians dazed and beaten based hand at underground entrances which housed many thousands during a bombardment landmarks of the beaten town the rice time the Brandenburg Gate shells hard and broken they were once Germany's pride every guidebook boosted them now the guidebooks can be found littered among the rubble the pompous buildings have paid the price of Hitler's crazy dream of conquering the world for Germany

Raid shelter at the transferee is the spot where the bodies of Hitler and his alleged wife Eva Braun were said to have been burned an SS man says he saw the bodies soaked in petrol and what's umber is this the end of the Hitler legend or is it just another story maybe his ghost will turn up someday and give a repeat performance of those balcony ranting now.

the delight of Allied soldiers the union jack goes up to signalize the taking over by the British troops of their sector of Berlin the date is July the sixth nineteen forty-five a date the history books will remember first into Berlin came the famous Desert Rats...