14 Mart 2017 Salı

Topkapi Palace Harem

This special video has taken by Ilhan Ozcan and shared by his permission.

Ottoman Harem

It is stated that on the average there are 400 women in the Ottoman harem and this number can be increased up to 1600. There are two basic functions of harem starting to take place in the state;

The first is the place where the sultan, prince, and the state elders are provided with concubines and spouses. This is very important because the princesses with Fatih left the marriage to foreign dynasties and this is an indispensable function for the continuation of the dynasty .

The second one is a school. An aristocracy based on education was established by the marriage of the carousels educated in the palace by young people who graduated from Enderun. It is the institution that allows the caravans to be educated to ensure the creation of an aristocracy connected to the dynasty and the dynasty.

In the Ottoman Empire, the harem was an environment in which everyone could not enter. The word harem means 'untouchable, holy'. Contrary to what is known, 'Harem-i Hümayun' in the Ottoman Empire was a institution parallel to the 'Enderun' mosques that brought up the statesmen.

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