31 Mart 2017 Cuma

P-40 Warhawk Flying Tigers in China

P-40 Warhawk Flying Tigers in China 1942

The picture was taken by AVG pilot Robert T. Smith in China in 1942.

The P-40 Warhawk model is nicknamed as  The Flying Tigers.

These airplanes, which were used in 1942, could go very slowly, like in a movie shoot.

At the time of drawing, all Flying Tigers came to the same line. All pilots looked at the same cameraman who took the picture.

The group of these aircraft used by the United States against Japan was collected by Colonel Claire Chennault under the name "American Volunteer Group" (AVG). (American Volunteer Group). There were a maximum of 100 airplanes together and most of them were decorated with a dogfish mouth as pictured.