29 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

Mongolian Woman Abandoned to Death 1913

Mongolian Woman Abandoned to Death 1913

This photograph was taken in July 1913 by French photographer Albert Kahn. Albert Kahn was a millionaire banker who took pictures with his colorful photographic technique, led by Lumière brothers .

Albert Kahn, during a trip to exotic countries, photographed a photograph of this Mongolian woman, who was left to die in a wooden crest and died slowly. When it was first put into the woman's chest, she had water and food in the cradles on the ground. The photographer left this abandoned person there and did not find any intervention. This process was contrary to the primary directive of anthropologists to intervene in another cultural law and order system.

The photograph was first published under National Geographic's 1922 issue under the title "Mongolian criminal, in the box". The reason the woman was put there was that she did not commit adultery.

The Nazi Symbol (swastika) in the upper left corner of the box is really interesting ... -