15 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

Incredible Vietnam War Pictures

Cambodian border March 1965

This above photo was taken by the German photographer and twice by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Horst Faas. Demonstrating that the US Army has deployed an army helicopter that holds the helicopters of the US Army to the tree line to meet the progression of the South Vietnamese troops while attacking Viet Cong camp, eighteen kilometers away from Tay Ninh  on the Cambodian border on March 1965.

War child in vietnam

Does anyone have any idea what's in this picture of May 14, 1966?

Henri Huet Vietnam War

The corpse of an American soldier killed while landing on a parachute in the Cambodian border is being removed by a helicopter from the region. Phote has takeb by Henri Huet.

American paratroopers try to cross river

American paratroopers are trying to cross the river in Vietnam. Henri Huet, the French war photographer who took this powerful image, died in 1971 when the helicopter he and three other photojournalists were in was shot down.