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French Georges Blind Mock Execution by Nazi Soldiers 1944

Georges Blind mock execution 1944

Georges Blind was born on November 17, 1904 in Belfort.

In 1941, he became a member of the Resistance of Ferrand Group. He operated during the night between the territory of Belfort and Alsace with the ambulance of the fire brigade. he was carrying officials of the Resistance, wanted people, weapons, intelligence and clandestine newspapers.

He was arrested by the Feldgendarmerie on 14 October 1944 in Belfort.

He underwent a mock execution between October 15 and October 23, 1944 before the citadel of Belfort. A photo immortalizes the fact as being the 'Smiling Shot'. This simulacrum was meant to make him speak to denounce his comrades.

This was a mock execution as an attempt to get Georges Blind, a French resistance fighter, to talk.

You can noticed that how Nazi soldiers placed Georges Blind at the corner of the building rather than against the stereotypical flat wall.

Georges didn’t talk.  Georges did not divulge any information. He was later sent to a concentration camp, where he was selected for termination on arrival, and he died in later November 1944.

Place where the smiling shot was taken in Belfort
Place where the smiling shot was taken in Belfort. This phote has taken in 2015 and source of this picture is Wikipedia.