13 Aralık 2016 Salı

The Story of The Tank Man

Tank Man
On the morning of June 5, 1989, photographer Jeff Widener was sitting on a balcony on the sixth floor of the Beijing Hotel. One day after the Tiananmen Square Protests, Chinese troops attacked pro-democracy demonstrators camping on the plaza. Then the US news agency Associated Press sent Widener to document the incident.

What makes this picture more impressive is that it happens one day after the military coup. This man, like everyone else, knew what it was. He knew that the army killed the civilians; But with a shopping bag, white t-shirt and black pants, it was there as usual.

Tank Man 2 

He moved to the tanks using his shopping bag, according to a book that documents / describes the events. The tanks tried to stop him, but the man did not give up and eventually had to stop the frontmost tank engine. Tank Man (we do not know his identity so far) came out of the tank and chatted with one of the soldiers. After consultation, the man landed on the tank and ran the tank engines again.

Over 26 years after Tank Man became a global hero, we still do not know who this guy is and what he came up with.